the plant trolley, inc. is proud of our thirty three years of experience in the field. Our years of experience and expertise continues to satisfy our growing number of clients. We offer you the highest of standards and professional worry free services. Our experience with design, installations, and maintenance services has fine tuned the precision of how our company runs. This let us work with confidence, and eliminates any unnecessary worries to you. We also specialize in exterior design and holiday decor. The following services are offered by the plant trolley, inc.

Design - Customized interior and exterior plant design, determining optimal plant species for light conditions, and client needs. Live and silk plants are available to purchase, with the option of total plant care for the live plants purchased. In addition, we offer seasonal items such as exterior Spring flowerscaping, Christmas designing, holiday wreaths, trees and other decorations. We also offer a wide selection of containers including ceramic, plastic, fiberglass, brass, terra cotta, etc.

Leasing - Live interior plants are available on a leasing plan which includes weekly total plant care.
the plant trolley, inc. will make the necessary replacements of plants if their appearance becomes less than desirable.

Total Plant Care - Guaranteed interior plant care is available for leased, purchased, or existing plants. This includes watering, pruning, cleaning, trimming, fertilizing, replacement, along with detection and treatment of plant diseases. The technician will keep the containers clean and note the plantís condition and individual needs during each visit. Care is given weekly by a trained, uniformed plant technician and performed in a neat and efficient manner. We have a complete maintenance service also, for exterior plants and flowers to keep them lush and healthy.

Quality Control - Unannounced, on-site quality control is performed on a rotating basis by our Technician Supervisor. You are encouraged to discuss any changes, concerns, or improvements to the plant care and design. Lush tropical plants can help make your working environment a pleasure and give your clients a welcoming feel when they visit your facility.

I hope when you are reviewing the information, you will recognize the professionalism and ease in which our company works.
the plant trolley, inc. represents a creative design force, the best of standards, and we guaranteee consistent, worry free maintenance. I can assure you, with our services, your plantscaping will always look fresh and groomed.

Ron Houck

Please contact us at
(513) 389 4450 for a complimentary design and estimate.


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